Founded by Lynnette Brown, Brown Beneifts Financial Services Inc., combines the expertise, experience and collective products and services that every business owner needs. BBF assures that every client receives the close analysis and attention they deserve.

Lynnette Brown has been a dynamic Entrepreneur and influential Community Leader since 2000. With a diverse array of passions, Lynnette leads and manages a substantial team of Professional Entrepreneurs nationwide. 

Her mission is to inspire and educate Small Businesses across America on the critical issue of Identity Theft Awareness and Financial Awareness.

After earning her MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2008, Lynnette was driven to consult with Entrepreneurs, empowering them to achieve their maximum Wealth Potential. She equips them with the essential knowledge needed to expand their businesses and safeguard their operations. 

Recognizing that taxes were a pervasive concern for Small Business Entrepreneurs, Lynnette launched a tax firm in 2013 and became an Official Registered Tax Preparer with the IRS. This strategic move allowed her to broaden her business scope and amplify her Identity Theft Awareness message and Financial Consultation Programs.

She now partners with over 60 Tax Professionals across the country, all working under her leadership. Lynnette also guides individuals and entrepreneurs in discovering additional income streams through LegalShield and Insurance Opportunities. 

Her multifaceted approach ensures that there is no confining Mrs. Brown to a single role. She captivates audiences nationwide, inspiring them to achieve success and emphasizing the necessity of resilience in business. Lynnette’s goal is to enhance strategic skills in Identity Theft Awareness and Financial Wellness. 

Residing in Georgia, Lynnette has been married for 28 years and is a proud mother of three sons.

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